TrotterSimulationAlgorithm function


This documentation refers to the Classic QDK, which has been replaced by the Modern QDK.

Please see for the API documentation for the Modern QDK.

Namespace: Microsoft.Quantum.Simulation

Package: Microsoft.Quantum.Standard

SimulationAlgorithm function that uses a Trotter–Suzuki decomposition to approximate the time-evolution operator exp(-iHt).

function TrotterSimulationAlgorithm (trotterStepSize : Double, trotterOrder : Int) : Microsoft.Quantum.Simulation.SimulationAlgorithm


trotterStepSize : Double

Duration of simulated time-evolution in single Trotter step.

trotterOrder : Int

Order of Trotter integrator. This must be either 1 or an even number.

Output : SimulationAlgorithm

A SimulationAlgorithm type.