Azure Sphere Public API

The Azure Sphere public API is a set of service endpoints that support HTTP operations for creating and managing Azure Sphere resources such as tenants, products, deployments, and device groups. For more details about using the public API, including the general format of an operation request/response, see the Azure Sphere public API overview.

The operations included in the Azure Sphere public API are grouped in the following categories:

Category Description
Access Control Manage user roles for controlling access to resources.
Async Operations Get details about asynchronous operations performed globally and within the scope of a tenant.
Deployments Create a deployment for a device group and retrieve details about deployments.
Device Capability Create a device capability configuration, which can then be applied to the device for which it was created.
Device Group Manage a product's device groups in a tenant.
Devices Claim devices to a tenant and assign devices to a device group.
Error Reporting Get details about events that occurred on devices claimed by the tenant.
Image Upload an image to a tenant and retrieve details from a tenant about existing images.
Product Manage products in a tenant.
Tenants Manage tenants and tenant certificates.