Symbol Service

Use these APIs to work with a Team Foundation managed Symbol Service.


The Symbol Service contains the following REST resources:

  • An Availability resource to inform the user whether the symbol service is enabled for the account.
  • A SymbolRequest (or simply, request) resource which contains a list of groups of related debug entries, which describe symbolic debug information resources.
  • A DebugEntries resource groups cross-request debug entries, facilitating entry querying across all requests.
  • The SymSrv resource is a special resource to support Microsoft's SymSrv protocol, which is implemented by many existing clients (including, but not limited to, all Microsoft debuggers). One client-end implementation is symsrv.dll. All information from this resource is also available through DebugEntries, which should be preferred by any new clients. This resource is subject to deprecation at a future date.

Common tasks

  • Check availability of Symbol Service for the current account.

  • Perform regular operations on symbol requests.

  • Perform symbol queries with Microsoft SymSrv protocol.

  • Get an executable file (possibly in an archived format) from the Symbol Service. The executable can be used to perform all the tasks listed above.