Test Suites

Test suites help in organizing test cases in a test plan. A test suite can contain child test suites, helping you build a folder structure under a test plan or it can contain test cases. Leaf test suites typically contain test cases, where are intermediate suites represent a folder hierarchy. Intermediate suites can on Static type, whereas leaf suites can be of static suites, requirement based suites or query based suites.



Add test cases to suite.


Create a test suite.


Delete test suite.

Get Suites By Test Case Id

Find the list of all test suites in which a given test case is present. This is helpful if you need to find out which test suites are using a test case, when yo...

Get Test Case By Id

Get a specific test case in a test suite with test case id.

Get Test Cases

Get all test cases in a suite.

Get Test Suite By Id

Get test suite by suite id.

Get Test Suites For Plan

Get test suites for plan.

Remove Test Cases From Suite Url

The test points associated with the test cases are removed from the test suite. The test case work item is not deleted from the system. See test cases resource ...

Update Suite Test Cases

Updates the properties of the test case association in a suite.

Update Test Suite

Update a test suite.