Reporting Work Item Revisions

This API provides access to all work item revisions in your project or collection and allows you to build a warehouse.

The response of the API contains a batch of work item revisions("values"), a URL to the next batch of work item revisions("nextLink") and a boolean that tells you whether you have read all currently available work item revisions("isLastBatch").

The workflow for building your warehouse is as follows:

  1. Make a request to the API without providing a continuationToken parameter
  2. Process the work item revisions returned by the API
  3. Persist "nextLink" and check "isLastBatch"
    • If "isLastBatch" is true, pause for a period of time(varies depending on your target latency)
  4. Make the next request using the URL from "nextLink"
  5. Go to step 2


The results of this API are impacted when using Move Work Item and/or Change Work Item Type features in conjunction with "project" in the url and/or "types" in the query string.

  • Project-scoped requests will only return work item revisions from the specified project.
  • Types-scoped requests will only return work item revisions of the specified type(s)

Sample Projects

C# Example


Read Reporting Revisions Get

Get a batch of work item revisions with the option of including deleted items

Read Reporting Revisions Post

Get a batch of work item revisions. This request may be used if your list of fields is large enough that it may run the URL over the length limit.