Azure Batch Service REST API Reference

The REST APIs for the Azure Batch service offer developers a means to schedule large-scale parallel and HPC applications in the cloud.

Azure Batch REST APIs can be accessed from within a service running in Azure, or directly over the Internet from any application that can send an HTTPS request and HTTPS response.

Batch account

All access to the Batch service requires a Batch account, and the account is the basis for authentication.

The Base URL for Batch service is https://{account-name}.{region-id}


Use these APIs to schedule and run large scale computational workloads. All operations conform to the HTTP/1.1 protocol specification and each operation returns a request-id header that can be used to obtain information about the request. You must make sure that requests made to these resources are secure. For more information, see Authenticate Requests to the Azure Batch Service.

Common operations