Reporting APIs for Enterprise customers - Price Sheet


Microsoft is retiring the Azure Enterprise Reporting APIs. EA customers - please move to the Cost Management APIs. To learn more, see Migrate from Azure Enterprise Reporting to Microsoft Cost Management APIs overview.

The Price Sheet API provides the applicable rate for each Meter for the given Enrollment and Billing Period.


Common header properties that need to be added are specified in the Overview of Reporting APIs for Enterprise customers article. If a billing period isn't specified, then data for the current billing period is returned.

Method Request URI


To use the previous version of the API, replace v3 with v2 in the URLs above. Some fields aren't available if you use v2.


                  "id": "enrollments/57354989/billingperiods/201601/products/343/pricesheets",
                  "billingPeriodId": "201704",
                "meterId": "dc210ecb-97e8-4522-8134-2385494233c0",
                  "meterName": "A1 VM",
                  "unitOfMeasure": "100 Hours",
                  "includedQuantity": 0,
                  "partNumber": "N7H-00015",
                  "unitPrice": 0.00,
                  "currencyCode": "USD"
                  "id": "enrollments/57354989/billingperiods/201601/products/2884/pricesheets",
                  "billingPeriodId": "201404",
                "meterId": "dc210ecb-97e8-4522-8134-5385494233c0",
                  "meterName": "Locally Redundant Storage Premium Storage - Snapshots - AU East",
                  "unitOfMeasure": "100 GB",
                  "includedQuantity": 0,
                  "partNumber": "N9H-00402",
                  "unitPrice": 0.00,
                  "currencyCode": "USD"


If you are using the Preview API, meterId field isn't available.

Response property definitions

Property Name Type Description
id string The unique ID represents a PriceSheet item (meter by billing period)
billingPeriodId string The unique ID that represents a particular Billing period
meterId string The identifier for the meter. It can be mapped to the usage meterID.
meterName string The meter name
unitOfMeasure string The Unit of Measure for measuring the service
includedQuantity decimal Quantity that's included
partNumber string The part number that's associated with the Meter
unitPrice decimal The unit price for the meter
currencyCode string The currency code for the unitPrice

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