Azure Chaos Studio REST API reference

Azure Chaos Studio is a managed service for improving resilience by injecting faults into your Azure applications. Running controlled fault injection experiments against your applications, a practice known as chaos engineering, helps you to measure, understand, and improve resilience against real-world incidents, such as a region outages or application failures causing high CPU utilization on a VM.

REST operation groups

Operation group Description
Experiments Create and manage chaos experiments. A chaos experiment is an Azure resource that describes the faults that should be run and the resources those faults should be run against.
Targets Create and manage chaos targets. A chaos target enables Chaos Studio to interact with a resource for a particular target type.
Capabilities Create and manage capabilities. A capability enables Chaos Studio to run a particular fault against a resource, such a shutting down a virtual machine.
Target Types List all possible targets that can be enabled for a resource.
Capability Types List all possible capabilities that can be applied to a resource.
Operations List all operations that can be performed with Chaos Studio.