Azure Cosmos DB Resource Provider REST API

Azure Cosmos DB is a distributed NoSQL database service designed to enable you to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions with a comprehensive SLA. The Resource Provider REST API enables you to manage your Azure Cosmos DB resources programmatically.


These API reference articles shows how to create and manage resources using the Azure Cosmos DB resource provider. The REST API for the Azure Cosmos DB data plane API that allows you to manage SQL API database, collection, and documents can be found at Data Plane REST API Reference.

The Resource Provider API requires all requests to be versioned. To make a request, you must specify the version that you want to use for that operation. The latest supported version is in the Reference folder below. For a complete listing of all preview and stable api versions see, Azure Cosmos DB resource provider swagger spec on GitHub

Authorization Token

All Azure Resource Manager REST calls require a valid authorization token in the request header to succeed. See Create the request: Acquire an access token for details on how to obtain this authorization token.

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