Common Azure Cosmos DB REST response headers

The following response headers are common to all responses from the SQL API:

Header Description
Content-Type The Content-Type is application/json. The SQL API always returns the response body in standard JSON format.
Date The date time of the response operation. This date time format conforms to the RFC 1123 date time format expressed in Coordinated Universal Time.
etag The etag header shows the resource etag for the resource retrieved. The etag has the same value as the _etag property in the response body.
x-ms-activity-id Represents a unique identifier for the operation. This echoes the value of the x-ms-activity-id request header, and commonly used for troubleshooting purposes.
x-ms-alt-content-path The alternate path to the resource. Resources can be addressed in REST via system generated IDs or user supplied IDs. x-ms-alt-content-path represents the path constructed using user supplied IDs.
x-ms-continuation This header represents the intermediate state of query (or read-feed) execution, and is returned when there are additional results aside from what was returned in the response. Clients can resubmitted the request with a request header containing
the value of x-ms-continuation.
x-ms-item-count The number of items returned for a query or read-feed request.
x-ms-request-charge This is the number of normalized requests a.k.a. request units (RU) for the operation. For more information, see Request units in Azure Cosmos DB.
x-ms-resource-quota Shows the allotted quota for a resource in an account.
x-ms-resource-usage Shows the current usage count of a resource in an account. When deleting a resource, this shows the number of resources after the deletion.
x-ms-retry-after-ms The number of milliseconds to wait to retry the operation after an initial operation received HTTP status code 429 and was throttled.
x-ms-schemaversion Shows the resource schema version number.
x-ms-serviceversion Shows the service version number.
x-ms-session-token The session token of the request. For session consistency, clients must echo this request via the x-ms-session-token request header for subsequent operations made to the corresponding collection.
x-ms-documentdb-partitionkeyrangeid Internal header identifying the partition key range for the request. Users are recommended to not take any dependency on this header value in their applications.

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