Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed multi-model database that supports the document, graph, and key-value data models. The content in this section is for managing permission resources using the SQL API via REST.

A permission is an authorization token associated with a user for authorized access to a specific resource. It is used to manage access to collections, documents, attachments, stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions for a particular user.

You can associate only one permission to a particular resource for a user. For example, MarketingCollection with id "permision2" can only be associated with one permission for user An attempt to add another permission to MarketingCollection for Janet results in an error (409 Conflict).

There are only two permission modes, All and Read. The All mode provides read, write, and delete access to a resource. The Read mode provides read-only access to a resource. A resource token is created every time a GET, PUT, or POST is performed on a permission. By default, the validity period of a resource token is one hour and it can be extended to up to 5 hours by specifying the desired value in the x-ms-documentdb-expiry-seconds header setting. To learn how to set this header, see the headers section of Create a Permission article. The validity period can be overridden to up to 5 hours. The following example illustrates the JSON construct of a permission:

Property Description
id Required. It is a user settable property. It is the unique name that identifies the permission, that is, no two permissions share the same ID within a user. The ID must not exceed 255 characters.
permissionMode Required. The access mode on the resource for the user: All or Read. All provides read, write, and delete access to a resource. Read restricts the user to read access on the resource.
resource Required. The full addressable path of the resource associated with the permission. For example, dbs/ruJjAA==/colls/ruJjAM9UnAA=/.
_rid It is a system generated property. The resource ID (_rid) is a unique identifier that is also hierarchical per the resource stack on the resource model. It is used internally for placement and navigation of the permission resource.
_ts It is a system generated property. It specifies the last updated timestamp of the resource. The value is a timestamp.
_self It is a system generated property. It is the unique addressable URI for the resource.
_etag It is a system generated property that specifies the resource etag required for optimistic concurrency control.
_token It is a system generated resource token for the particular resource and user.


You can do the following tasks with permissions:

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