Azure Data Share

Azure Data Share is a cloud-based service that helps customers share data with other organizations. Azure Data Share provides centralized management, monitoring, and governance for sharing data from multiple Azure data sources. Using this service, you can quickly create shares that consist of multiple datasets from a variety of Azure data stores. You can invite your customers and external partners to access these shares through incremental snapshots of your data and revoke access as needed.

Azure Data Share functionality is available through the REST API endpoints described in the following table.

REST Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
Accounts Create, delete, get, list, or update accounts.
Consumer Invitations Get, list, or reject invitations.
Consumer Source Data Sets List the source data sets of a share subscription.
Data Set Mappings Create, delete, get, or list data set mappings in a share subscription.
Data Sets Create, delete, get, or list data sets in a share.
Invitations Create, delete, get, or list invitations.
Operations List the available REST API operations.
Provider Share Subscriptions Get, list, reinstate, or revoke share subscriptions in a provider share.
Share Subscriptions Create, delete, get, or list share subscriptions. Initiate or cancel a synchronization, and list synchronizations, synchronization settings, and synchronization details.
Share Create, delete, get, or list shares. List synchronizations and synchronization details of a share.
Synchronization Settings Create, delete, get, or list synchronization settings in a share.
Triggers Create, delete, get, or list triggers in a share subscription.

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