Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads. With Defender for Cloud, you can apply security policies across your workloads, limit your exposure to threats, and detect and respond to attacks.

REST Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
Adaptive Application Controls Configuration of application control rules on groups of VMs/servers.
Adaptive Network Hardenings Controls for Adaptive Network Hardening resources and rules.
Advanced Threat Protection Advanced Threat Protection settings on a specified resource.
Alerts Alerts on security events that happened on the subscription.
Alerts Suppression Rules View and edit alert suppression rules.
Allowed Connections Lists the permissible traffic routes between resources.
Assessments Manage security assessments.
Assessments Metadata Manage metadata for the security assessments.
Assignments Manage assignments of compliance initiatives.
Auto Provisioning Settings Auto provisioning settings of the subscriptions.
Automations Manage security automations.
Compliances Details of specific compliance initiatives.
Connectors Manage cloud connectors for multi-cloud scenarios.
Device Security Groups Manage the device security group for a specified IoT Hub resource.
Discovered Security Solutions Details of specific discovered Security Solution.
External Security Solutions External Security Solutions for the subscription and location.
Information Protection Policies Details of the information protection policies.
lot Alert Types Details of an IoT alert type.
lot Alerts Get the IoT alerts.
lot Recommendation Types Get IoT recommendation types.
lot Recommendations Get IoT recommendations.
lot Security Solution Manage your IoT Security solution by name, resource group, subscription, or tag.
lot Security Solution Analytics List IoT Security Analytics metrics.
lot Security Solutions Analytics Aggregated Alert Manage an aggregated IoT Security Solution Alert.
lot Security Solutions Analytics Recommendation Get the aggregated security analytics recommendation of your IoT Security solution.
Jit Network Access Policies Policies for protecting resources using Just-in-Time access control.
Locations Details of specific locations.
Operations All available operations.
Pricings Security pricing configuration in the resource group.
Regulatory Compliance Assessments Get the details and state of your regulatory compliance or the assessments mapped to them.
Regulatory Compliance Controls Get the details and state of your regulatory compliance controls.
Regulatory Compliance Standards Get the details and state of your supported regulatory compliance standards.
Secure Score Control Definitions List the available security controls, their assessments, and the max score.
Secure Score Controls Get all security controls within a scope or for a specific initiative.
Secure Scores Get secure score for a specific Defender for Cloud initiative or List secure scores for all your Defender for Cloud initiatives.
Security Contacts Security contact configurations for the subscription.
Settings Configuration settings for Defender for Cloud.
Sub Assessments Get a security sub-assessment on your scanned resources.
Tasks Recommended tasks that will help improve the security of the subscription proactively.
Topology Get a topology view of a subscription, location, or component.
Workspace Settings Settings about where we should store your security data and logs.