Azure Event Hubs REST API

Azure Event Hubs is a highly scalable data ingress service that ingests millions of events per second so that you can process and analyze the massive amounts of data produced by your connected devices and applications. Once data is collected into an event hub, it can be transformed and stored using any real-time analytics provider or batching/storage adapters.

The REST APIs fall into the following categories:

  • Azure Resource Manager: APIs that perform Resource Manager operations, and have /providers/Microsoft.EventHub/ as part of the request URI.
  • Event Hubs service: APIs that enable operations directly on the Event Hubs service, and have <namespaceName> in the request URI.
  • "Classic" or RDFE management: APIs that provide programmatic access to much of the functionality available through the Azure portal. These APIs have in the URI. Event Hubs doesn't have RDFE REST APIs at this time.


If you are using "Classic" or RDFE management APIs, they are obsolete and retired as of 11/1/2021 and should no longer be used.

Control plane documentation

For documentation on control plane or management plane SDK, see Azure Event Hubs Management client library for .NET - version 1.0.0

Data plane documentation

For documentation on data plane SDK, see the following sections:

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