Asynchronous Operations (Azure HDInsight)

Operations that complete asynchronously return HTTP 202 (Accepted) with a Location header and an optional Retry-After header. The time mentioned in the Retry-After header is in seconds with a minimum of 10 seconds and maximum of 10 minutes.

URI for the location header will be as follows:

Method Request URI
GET URL from the Location header

If the operation is not complete, the response will be an HTTP 202 (Accepted) with the same location header.

If the operation completed successfully, the response will be the 200 (for anything that is not a DELETE) or 204 (for DELETE)

If the operation failed, the response will be formatted as per the Error Response Content.

Error Response Content

Response Body

    "error": {  
        "code": "BadArgument",  
        "message": "User name has invalid characters"