Azure Database for MariaDB REST API

The Azure Database for MariaDB REST API is available for you to create, delete, manage, and list servers, databases, logs, firewall rules, and operations.

Azure Database for MariaDB provides a managed database service for app development and deployment that allows you to stand up a MariaDB database in minutes and scale on the fly - on the cloud you trust most.

The following information is common to all tasks that you might do using these REST APIs:

  • Use the URI
  • Replace {api-version} with 2018-06-01-preview.
  • Replace {subscriptionId} with your subscription identifier in the URI. This value is a GUID unique to your subscription, such as 6B29FC40-CA47-1067-B31D-00DD010662DA. Locate the subscription ID using the Azure portal subsciptions blade.
  • Replace {resourceGroupName} with the resource group. For more information, see Using Resource groups to manage your Azure resources.
  • Replace {serverName} with the name of your Azure Database for MariaDB server. Use the short name, such as mydemoserver, not the fully qualified network name, such as
  • Set the Content-Type header to application/json.
  • Set the Authorization header to a JSON Web Token that you obtain from Azure Active Directory. For more information, see Authenticating Azure Resource Manager requests.

REST operations

Operation group Description
Server Create, Restore, Update, Delete, Get, or List servers.
Configurations Update, Get, and List the configuration of a server.
Databases Create, Delete, Get, or List databases in the server.
Firewall Rules Create, Delete, Get, or List the firewall rules in a server.
Log Files List the log files in a given server.
Operations List the available REST API operations.

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