Policy REST API surfaces operations related to Azure Policy results. These operations include querying policy evaluation events and compliance states and managing policy remediations.

Operation Groups

Operation Group Description
Policy Assignments Provides operations to assign policy definitions to a scope in your subscription.
Policy Attestations Provides operations to self-attest to manual policies.
Policy Component States Provides operations to query policy compliance states for resource components.
Policy Definitions Provides operations to create policies that specify how users in your organization work with resources.
Policy Events Query policy evaluation events generated as resources are created or updated.
Policy Exemptions Provides operations to create policy exemptions to exempt a scope from a policy assignment.
Policy Metadata Retrieve rich metadata for built-in policies.
Policy Restrictions Retrieve what restrictions Azure Policy will place on a resource.
Policy Set Definitions Provides operations to create groups of policy definitions.
Policy States Query policy compliance states for resources.
Policy Tracked Resources Query resources deployed by policy.
Remediations Provides operations to remediate resources that are non-compliant with policy.

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