Lookup Document (Azure Cognitive Search REST API)

The Lookup Document operation retrieves a document from Azure Cognitive Search. This is useful when a user clicks on a specific search result, and you want to look up specific details about that document. You can only get one document at a time. Use Search Documents to get multiple documents in a single request.

GET https://[service name].search.windows.net/indexes/[index name]/docs/key?[query parameters]  
  Content-Type: application/json   
  api-key: [admin or query key]     

Alternatively, you can use the traditional OData syntax for key lookup:

GET /indexes/[index name]/docs('[key]')?[query parameters]  

URI Parameters

Parameter Description
service name Required. Set this to the unique, user-defined name of your search service.
index name Required. The request URI specifies the name of the index to query. Query parameters are specified on the query string for GET requests and in the request body for POST requests.
key Required. An Edm.String value that uniquely identifies each document in the index. The key is sometimes referred to as a document ID. The value of the key is case-sensitive. For example, a document with key "abc" is distinct from a document with key "ABC".
query parameters A multi-part construction that includes a $select (optional) and api-version=2020-06-30 (required). For this operation, the api-version is specified as a query parameter.
$select=[string] is a list of comma-separated fields to retrieve. Only fields marked as retrievable can be included in this clause. If unspecified or set to *, all fields marked as retrievable in the schema are included in the projection.

Request Headers

The following table describes the required and optional request headers.

Fields Description
Content-Type Required. Set this to application/json
api-key Required. The api-key is used to authenticate the request to your Search service. It is a string value, unique to your service URL. Query requests can specify either an admin-key or query-key as the api-key.The query-key is used for read-only operations against the documents collection. You can find the API key in your search service dashboard in the Azure portal.

Request Body



Status Code: "200 OK" is returned for a successful response.

   field_name: field_value (fields matching the default or specified projection)   


Lookup the document that has key '2':

GET /indexes/hotels/docs/2?api-version=2020-06-30

Lookup the document that has key '3' using OData syntax:

GET /indexes/hotels/docs('3')?api-version=2020-06-30

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