Get Index (Azure AI Search REST API)

The Get Index operation gets the index definition from Azure AI Search.

GET https://[service name][index name]?api-version=[api-version]  
  Content-Type: application/json  
  api-key: [admin key]   

URI Parameters

Parameter Description
service name Required. Set this to the unique, user-defined name of your search service.
index name Required. The request URI specifies the name of the index to return.
api-version Required. See API versions for a list of supported versions.

Request Headers

The following table describes the required and optional request headers.

Fields Description
Content-Type Required. Set this to application/json
api-key Optional if you're using Azure roles and a bearer token is provided on the request, otherwise a key is required. If you're using API keys, specify an admin key (as opposed to a query key) to return object information from the search service. See Connect to Azure AI Search using key authentication for details.

Request Body



Status Code: "200 OK" is returned for a successful response. See the example request JSON in Create Index (Azure AI Search REST API) for an example of the response payload. The Get Index response body and the Create Index response and response bodies are all of the same format.

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