2021-04-30-Preview Search Service REST APIs

This section of the REST API reference describes the new or changed APIs that are currently in preview. Only those APIs that differ from the generally available version are documented in this section. If an API is missing from this section, it's because there is no preview feature associated with it.

In your code, you can use combinations of API versions, co-mingling generally available or preview APIs in the same code base. You can also just specify the preview API version for everything, and those APIs that aren't in preview will enforce the generally available API behavior.

Preview APIs are available under Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews and aren't recommended for production workloads.

Preview releases are cumulative of all features currently in preview. If a preview feature was introduced in a prior preview, you can access that feature using the original or the latest preview API version.

For a list of all supported REST API versions and a description of what's in each release, see API versions.