Azure Service Bus REST API

Azure Service Bus provides cloud-enabled communication with enterprise messaging and relayed communication that helps you connect on-premises solutions with the cloud. See Azure Service Bus documentation for a comprehensive conceptual documentation for the service.

The REST APIs fall into the following categories:

  • Azure Resource Manager: APIs that perform Resource Manager operations, and have /providers/Microsoft.ServiceBus/ as part of the request URI.
  • Service Bus service: APIs that enable operations directly on the Service Bus service, and have the public cloud endpoint in the request URI. Other possible domain names are as follows:
    • Azure Germany:
    • Azure China 21Vianet:
    • United States government:


If you are using "Classic" or RDFE management APIs, they are obsolete and retired as of 11/1/2021 and should no longer be used.

REST operation groups

The Service Bus REST API provides operations for working with the following resources:

Azure Resource Manager

Resource Manager APIs are management APIs that perform operations on Service Bus entities, such as namespaces, queues, and topics. They are useful in scenarios that enable global authentication, rather than at the namespace or entity level.

Operation group Description
Namespaces Provides operations for managing Service Bus namespaces.
Queues Operations for managing Service Bus queues.
Subscriptions Operations for managing Service Bus topic subscriptions.
Topics Operations for managing Service Bus topics.

Service Bus service

Service Bus service APIs access the Service Bus service directly, and perform various management operations at the entity level, rather than at the namespace level (such as sending a message to a queue. These APIs use SAS authentication or Azure Active Directory authentication.

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