Service Bus Runtime REST

This section describes the Service Bus REST run-time APIs.

In This Section

Message properties
Describes the properties that can be set on messages.

Send Message
Sends a message to a Service Bus queue or topic.

Send Message Batch
Sends a batch of messages to a Service Bus queue or topic.

Receive and Delete Message (Destructive Read)
Receives a message from a queue or subscription, and removes the message from that queue or subscription in one atomic operation.

Peek-Lock Message (Non-Destructive Read)
Retrieves and locks a message for processing as an atomic operation.

Unlock Message
Unlocks a message for processing by other receivers on a specified queue or subscription.

Delete Message
Completes processing on a locked message and deletes it from the queue or subscription.

Renew-Lock for a Message
Renews the lock of an already locked message for continuing processing (long running operations).

Message Headers and Properties

Addressing and Protocol