Service Bus Namespace Access

A service namespace is a hierarchical graph in which entities can be created. The example in the following shows an exemplary namespace address. The host-name portion reflects the unique name of the namespace in DNS, based on the unique name chosen at creation time. The path section identifies the entity. All top-level Service Bus entities, such as Queue and Topic are addressed by this scheme.


The * suffix applies to all namespaces created in the global Azure cloud. Special environments use different suffixes. The separately operated German Azure cloud uses *, for instance.

The {path} is a segmented expression with the forward-slash ('/') as the segment separator, for example, /test, /test/test2, or /test/test2/test3. Multiple entities can share the same prefix segments, allowing formation of hierarchies. The maximum length of an entity name is 260 characters.

In This Section

Provides overview of the simplified REST API sets for managing entities.

Get Entity
Retrieves a messaging entity.

Entities Discovery
Discovers messaging entities.

Delete Entity
Deletes messaging entity.

List all messaging entities of certain kind in a flat view.

Create and Update Entity
Creates and updates messaging entities.

REST vs. .NET Client Support

Message Headers and Properties

Service Bus Runtime REST