Application Health Policy

Defines a health policy used to evaluate the health of an application or one of its children entities.


Name Type Required
ConsiderWarningAsError boolean No
MaxPercentUnhealthyDeployedApplications integer No
DefaultServiceTypeHealthPolicy ServiceTypeHealthPolicy No
ServiceTypeHealthPolicyMap array of ServiceTypeHealthPolicyMapItem No


Type: boolean
Required: No
Default: false

Indicates whether warnings are treated with the same severity as errors.


Type: integer
Required: No
Default: 0

The maximum allowed percentage of unhealthy deployed applications. Allowed values are Byte values from zero to 100. The percentage represents the maximum tolerated percentage of deployed applications that can be unhealthy before the application is considered in error. This is calculated by dividing the number of unhealthy deployed applications over the number of nodes where the application is currently deployed on in the cluster. The computation rounds up to tolerate one failure on small numbers of nodes. Default percentage is zero.


Type: ServiceTypeHealthPolicy
Required: No

The health policy used by default to evaluate the health of a service type.


Type: array of ServiceTypeHealthPolicyMapItem
Required: No

The map with service type health policy per service type name. The map is empty by default.