Blob Containers


Clear Legal Hold

Clears legal hold tags. Clearing the same or non-existent tag results in an idempotent operation. ClearLegalHold clears out only the specified tags in the reque...


Creates a new container under the specified account as described by request body. The container resource includes metadata and properties for that container. It...

Create Or Update Immutability Policy

Creates or updates an unlocked immutability policy. ETag in If-Match is honored if given but not required for this operation.


Deletes specified container under its account.

Delete Immutability Policy

Aborts an unlocked immutability policy. The response of delete has immutabilityPeriodSinceCreationInDays set to 0. ETag in If-Match is required for this operati...

Extend Immutability Policy

Extends the immutabilityPeriodSinceCreationInDays of a locked immutabilityPolicy. The only action allowed on a Locked policy will be this action. ETag in If-Mat...


Gets properties of a specified container.

Get Immutability Policy

Gets the existing immutability policy along with the corresponding ETag in response headers and body.


The Lease Container operation establishes and manages a lock on a container for delete operations. The lock duration can be 15 to 60 seconds, or can be infinite...


Lists all containers and does not support a prefix like data plane. Also SRP today does not return continuation token.

Lock Immutability Policy

Sets the ImmutabilityPolicy to Locked state. The only action allowed on a Locked policy is ExtendImmutabilityPolicy action. ETag in If-Match is required for thi...

Object Level Worm

This operation migrates a blob container from container level WORM to object level immutability enabled container. Prerequisites require a container level immut...

Set Legal Hold

Sets legal hold tags. Setting the same tag results in an idempotent operation. SetLegalHold follows an append pattern and does not clear out the existing tags t...


Updates container properties as specified in request body. Properties not mentioned in the request will be unchanged. Update fails if the specified container do...