HTTP Operations on Blob service resources

The Blob service exposes the following resource types via the REST API:

  • Account. A storage account is a globally uniquely identified entity within the storage system. The account is the parent namespace for the Blob service. All containers are associated with an account.

  • Containers. A container is a user-defined set of blobs within an account. A container resource has no associated content, only properties and metadata.

  • Blobs. A blob is an entity representing a set of content. A blob resource includes content, properties, and metadata.

You can address each resource using its resource URI. For information about URI addresses, see Referring to Containers and Blobs.

Each resource supports operations based on the HTTP verbs GET, PUT, HEAD, and DELETE. The verb, syntax, and supported HTTP version(s) for each operation appears on the reference page for each operation. For a complete list of operation reference pages, see Blob Service REST API.

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