Queue Storage error codes

The following table lists error codes that an operation on Azure Queue Storage might return:

Error code HTTP status code User message
InvalidMarker Bad Request (400) The specified marker is invalid.
MessageNotFound Not Found (404) The specified message does not exist.
MessageTooLarge Bad Request (400) The message exceeds the maximum allowed size.
PopReceiptMismatch Bad Request (400) The specified pop receipt did not match the pop receipt for a dequeued message.
QueueAlreadyExists Conflict (409) The specified queue already exists.
QueueBeingDeleted Conflict (409) The specified queue is being deleted.
QueueDisabled Conflict (409) The specified queue has been disabled by the administrator.
QueueNotEmpty Conflict (409) The specified queue is not empty.
QueueNotFound Not Found (404) The specified queue does not exist.

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