Azure Files error codes

The following table lists error codes that an operation might return against the Azure Files service:

Error code HTTP status code User message
CannotDeleteFileOrDirectory Conflict (409) The file or directory could not be deleted because it is in use by an SMB client.
ClientCacheFlushDelay Internal Server Error (500) The specified resource state could not be flushed from an SMB client in the specified time.
DeletePending Conflict (409) The specified resource is marked for deletion by an SMB client.
DirectoryNotEmpty Conflict (409) The specified directory is not empty.
FileLockConflict Conflict (409) A portion of the specified file is locked by an SMB client.
InvalidFileOrDirectoryPathName Bad Request (400) File or directory path is too long.
InvalidFileOrDirectoryPathName Bad Request (400) File or directory path has too many subdirectories.
ParentNotFound Not Found (404) The specified parent path does not exist.
ReadOnlyAttribute Conflict (409) The specified resource is read-only and cannot be modified at this time.
ShareAlreadyExists Conflict (409) The specified share already exists.
ShareBeingDeleted Conflict (409) The specified share is being deleted. Try operation later.
ShareDisabled Forbidden (403) The specified share is disabled by the administrator.
ShareNotFound Not Found (404) The specified share does not exist.
SharingViolation Conflict (409) The specified resource may be in use by an SMB client.
ShareSnapshotInProgress Conflict (409) Another Share Snapshot operation is in progress.
ShareSnapshotCountExceeded Conflict (409) The total number of snapshots for the share is over the limit.
ShareSnapshotOperationNotSupported Bad Request (400) The operation is not supported on a share snapshot.
ShareHasSnapshots Conflict (409) The share has snapshots and the operation requires no snapshots.
ContainerQuotaDowngradeNotAllowed Conflict (409) Cannot downgrade quota at this moment. Please check share properties for the next allowed quota downgrade time.

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