Version 2011-08-18

The 2011-08-18 version of the Azure storage services includes these changes:

  • Get Blob returns an Accept-Ranges:bytes header in the response to indicate that the service supports range requests.

  • Get Blob supports a new Range header format that reads from the specified offset to the end of the blob. For more information, see Specifying the Range Header for Blob Service Operations.

  • ETags returned by the Blob service are enclosed in quotes. In addition, the Blob service will accept quoted and unquoted ETags.

  • Set Blob Service Properties can specify a default version to use when an un-versioned request is received.

  • If-Match GET and PUT operations against the Blob service will now return HTTP 404 (“Not Found) and HTTP 412 (“Precondition Failed”) if the blob doesn’t exist. This change applies to 2009-09-19 and newer versions.

  • The Table service supports projections of selected properties by using the $select query option. For more information, see Query Entities and Writing LINQ Queries Against the Table Service.

  • The Table service adds the Insert Or Replace Entity and Insert Or Merge Entity operations, which “upsert” an entity.

  • The Queue service adds the Update Message operation, which can extend the invisibility time of a message or update the contents of the message.

  • The Put Message operation adds the optional visibilitytimeout parameter which can extend the invisibility time of a new message.

  • The visibilitytimeout parameter can now be set to a maximum of 7 days, up from the previous maximum of 2 hours.

  • Queue messages can now be 64KB in size, up from the previous maximum size of 8KB.

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