Version 2011-08-18

The 2011-08-18 version of Azure Storage includes these changes:

  • The Get Blob operation returns an Accept-Ranges:bytes header in the response to indicate that the service supports range requests.

  • The Get Blob operation supports a new range header format that reads from the specified offset to the end of the blob. For more information, see Specify the range header for Azure Blob Storage operations.

  • ETags that are returned by Blob Storage are enclosed in quotation marks. In addition, Blob Storage accepts quoted and unquoted ETags.

  • The Set Blob Storage Properties operation can specify a default version to use when an unversioned request is received.

  • If-Match GET and PUT operations against Blob Storage now return HTTP 404 (Not Found) and HTTP 412 (Precondition Failed) if the blob doesn’t exist. This change applies to version 2009-09-19 and later.

  • Azure Table Storage supports projections of selected properties by using the $select query option. For more information, see the Query Entities operation and Write LINQ queries against Azure Table Storage.

  • Table Storage adds the Insert Or Replace Entity and Insert Or Merge Entity operations, which upsert an entity.

  • Azure Queue Storage adds the Update Message operation, which can extend the invisibility time of a message or update the contents of the message.

  • The Put Message operation adds the optional visibilitytimeout parameter, which can extend the invisibility time of a new message.

  • You can now set the visibilitytimeout parameter to a maximum of 7 days, up from the previous maximum of 2 hours.

  • Queue messages can now be 64 kilobytes (KB) in size, up from the previous maximum of 8 KB.

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