Version 2019-02-02

The 2019-02-02 service version includes the following features.

  • A new API Blob Batch allows multiple requests to be sent within a single request body.
  • Data transfer APIs accept CRC64 as a transactional data integrity mechanism as an alternative to MD5. Note that this calculation requires a specific polynomial.
  • Responses for all Blob, Table, and Queue APIs return the x-ms-client-request-id that was passed in on the request for better debuggability.
  • Data can be encrypted using a Customer-Provided Key or an Encryption Scope.
  • The Copy Blob, Put Block List, and Put Blob APIs support the x-ms-access-tier header for Block Blobs, to set the tier on the result without needing a second API call.
  • The Copy Blob and Set Blob Tier APIs support the x-ms-rehydrate-priority header to allow for faster retrieval of archived blobs.
  • A new API Create Permission allows for the creation of a security descriptor at the File Share level. This descriptor can be used for files and directories in the share.
  • A new API Get Permission allows for the retrieval of the security descriptor set on a share.
  • A new API Lease File allows for an exclusive write lock lease on a file to be acquired, changed, released, or broken.
  • Certain Azure Files APIs (Set Directory Properties, Set File Properties, Create File, and Create Directory) require a new set of headers. These headers are x-ms-file-permission, x-ms-file-permission-key, x-ms-file-attributes, x-ms-file-creation-time and x-ms-file-last-write-time. These headers are also returned on the corresponding Get APIs.