Azure Support REST API Reference

The Azure Support REST API enables you to create and manage Azure support tickets programmatically.

Using the API, you can:

  • Open a technical, billing, subscription management, or subscription and service limits (quota) support ticket.
  • Get a list of support tickets and detailed information about each ticket. Narrow your search for support tickets by status or created date.
  • Update severity, ticket status, and contact information for a support ticket.
  • Add a new communication to a support ticket or get a list of all communications for a support ticket. Narrow your search of communication lists by created date or communication type.


Prerequisites depend on the API operations you want to call:

  • To create and update support tickets, and add communication operations, you need:

  • To list support tickets, and to list communication operations, you need:

    • An Azure subscription ID
    • Member of the Reader role at the subscription scope.

Support in other languages and interfaces

Apart from support in REST API, support ticket creation and management is available in the following interfaces and languages:

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