Step 1: Register An App With Yammer

Go to Click on the “Register new App” button.


When you create an app, this app will be linked to the Yammer network related to your user account. This is the network you will use to access, edit, and test your application.

Consider using a service account when registering your app at For example. This will ensure your app continues to work if you or the app creator leaves the company.

Register a new app

Required fields Description
Application name The app which will appear in Yammer
Organization The name of the organization affiliated with your app
Support email An email address, which users of your app can contact for support
Website Your organization's website
Terms of Use Microsoft's Terms of Use

Redirect URL

After the authentication flow is complete, this is where Yammer will redirect the user. To ensure that your redirect will succeed, ensure that the following criteria are met:

  1. The query parameters should be sent as query_params attached at the end of the URL, not as part of the path.

  2. The host must match.

  3. The path must match.

  4. The redirect URL must be secure (i.e., if the scheme is http, it must be using https). All apps must redirect to https services.

  5. You must be specific about the subdomain of the URL. Yammer will not redirect to other subdomains. For example if you provide , Yammer will not allow redirects to

JavaScript Origins

If you intend to use Yammer's JavaScript SDK, you need to register all the domains that you will use with the SDK. Each domain should be entered in the Javascript Origins box followed by a new line. Each domain should be in the format scheme://domain. The schemes must be either http or https: or Whenever possible, it is recommended to register domains that support SSL/TLS encryption.