Service Fabric Container Samples

This repository contains sample projects to help you get started with Service Fabric and Containers both on Windows and Linux.

Windows Server 2016 Container Sample

This sample shows containers running on Windows Server 2016. The solution has a frontend service written in C# that listens for web requests on port 80 and a backend service written in nodejs that serves up a web page with information about the node it is running on.

Linux Container Sample

This folder contains two samples showing containers running on Ubuntu 16.04.

The 'container-dns-sample' shows multiple containers running in Service Fabric communicating over the DNS portal. It has a frontend service written in NodeJS that listens to web requests and uses DNS resolution to request information from a backend service written in Python. The containers are built using Dockerfiles and the Service Fabric application is deployed using the traditional Service Fabric Application Package structure.

The 'container-tutorial' has a frontend service in Python which communicates with a Redis data store to render a Voting UI to the user. In this example, deployments of applications using docker-compose and Service Fabric Command Line Interface are demonstrated.

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