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Table of Contents

Solution Overview

Cloud adoption for an Enterprise, small or large, require responsible and efficient governance models to derive value from their cloud deployments.

Cloudwise (a codename for the solution)a composite solution available from Azure Quick Starts, is an adoption enabler for Customers, System Integrators and Partners alike, that delivers a self-serviceable, automated governance solution, focused on

  • Optimizing Your Costs
  • Improve Your Application(s) Reliability
  • Reducing Business Risk

The solution highlights the core governance pillars of Visibility and Control.

This composite solution includes

  • Custom Web Application [using Azure Graph, Azure Ratecard, Azure Usage and Azure Service APIs],
  • Visual Studio Application Insights
  • Azure SQL Database,
  • Azure Active Directory and Azure AD Application
  • Microsoft Operationa Management Suite
    • Log Analytics,
    • OMS custom dashboards
  • Azure Automation Runbooks [using OMSIngestion APIs]
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Email Notifications

Solution Template Overview

Solution Templates* provide customers with a highly automated process to launch enterprise ready first and 3rd party ISV solution stacks on Azure in a pre-production environment. The Solution Template effort is complimentary to the Azure Marketplace test drive program. These fully baked stacks enable customers to quickly stand up a PoC or Piloting environments and also integrate it with their systems and customization.

Customers benefit greatly from solution templates because of the ease with which they can stand up enterprise-grade, fully integrated stacks on Azure. The extensive automation and testing of these solutions will allow them to spin up pre-production environments with minimal manual steps and customization. Most importantly, customers now have the confidence to transition the solution into a fully production-ready environment with confidence.

Cloud Governance Pilot Solution Template 001 Disclaimer: These are intended as pilot solutions and not production ready. Please contact us if you need further info or support on this solution.

Quick Overview Video

You can find a quick (~3.5mins) overview of the solution in the video here Enterprise_Governance_and_Operations_480p.mp4)

Target Audience

The target audience for these solution templates are IT professionals who need to stand-up and/or deploy infrastructure stacks.

Licenses & Costs

In its current state, solution templates come with licenses built-in – there may be a BYOL option included in the future. The solution template will be deployed in the Customer’s Azure subscription, and the Customer will incur Azure usage charges associated with running the solution stack.


  • Azure Subscription - if you want to test drive individual ISV products, please check out the Azure Marketplace Test Drive Program
  • Azure user account with Service Admin Role . This is required for creating an AD applicaition as well as a RunAs Service Role.
  • Azure Marketplace Deployment Agreements - VM Images from Azure marketplace need a registered Azure credit card for deployments to be successful. We understand that some customers (especially EA and internal MS customers) may not have this configured leading to failed deployments.
  • Operations Management Suite Account (Free Sign Up – No credit card required. Sign up for your free OMS account here)
  • Create an Automation account with RunAs Service principal. Unfortunately ARM templates don't allow for creating AD service principals as yet, so this step is currently a manual.
    • Refer the blog here for the steps.
    • Creation of ServicePrincipal has a propensity to fail randomly. A basic verification whether it was successfully created is mandatory
  • Capture the AutomationAccount name and the resourcegroup. You will need them as parameters when you 'Deploy to Azure'

Reference Architecture Diagram



PowerBI Dashboard (for IT Managers and Business Decision makers)

Please download the link to the PowerBI dashboard HOL_CloudWise_PowerBI.zip


OMS Web Apps Monitoring dashboard (For Operations Teams)


OMS Azure SQL Databases Monitoring dashboard (For Operations Teams)


Deployment and Settings

You can click the "deploy to Azure" button at the beginning of this document or follow the instructions for command line deployment using the scripts in the root of this repo.

For the detailed deployment guide, please refer DeploymentGuide_and_Configuration_Guide_CloudWise.pdf

Post Deployment Steps

Congratulations !
You have now successfully deployed the application. You will have to do a few additional steps to have the application configured

  • Create the AD application by running the ServicePrincipal.ps1. You will need to supply subscriptionName and the deployed URL of the CloudWise App Service.
    Please refer to parameter descriptions if you need more information on what needs to be provided as an input.
  • Currently, one has to manually start the scheduleIngestion Runbook. This is a dependency on ARM template as one cannot curently schedule a run of the runbook
    • Please navigate to your automation account. Click on Runbooks
    • Click open the scheduleIngestion runbook and click start to run the runbook. This step will kickstart the data ingestion to the OMS workspace specified.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

As the solution contains IP owned by Avyan Consulting Corp, please refer to

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy This solution is planned to be made available as a product in Azure Marketplace - tentatively around end of 2016 timeframe


For any support-related issues or questions, please contact us for assistance.

> azuremarketplace@avyanconsulting.com

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