Azure Cosmos DB account SQL API with analytical store

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This template creates an Azure Cosmos account for Core (SQL) API with a database and container configured with autoscale and analytical store.

Below are the parameters which can be user configured in the parameters file or template including:

  • Account Name: Enter the account name for the Cosmos account.
  • Location: Enter location for the primary write region.
  • Database Name: Enter the database name for the account.
  • Container Name: Enter the name for the container for the account.
  • Partition Key Path: Enter the path for the partition key for the container.
  • Throughput Policy: Select Manual or Autoscale throughput policy.
  • Manual Provisioned Throughput: Enter the RU/s for the container when Throughput Policy is Manual (default 400).
  • Autoscale Max Throughput: Enter the maximum RU/s for the container when Throughput Policy is Autoscale (default 4000).
  • Analytical Store TTL: Enter the time to live for data in analytical store (-1 is no expiration).

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Tags: Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts, Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts/sqlDatabases, Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts/sqlDatabases/containers