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1. Solution Overview

An integrated ARM Template (Azure Resource Manager) that stitches all the above technology into a single deployment. The following is a feature table that is pulled together for your benefit.

Datameer and HDInsight TrendMicro Deep Security Chef Server and Workstation
Wide variety of Data Ingestion, Visualization (Internal and External to Enterprise) Anti-malware, Content Filtering Cloud Infrastructure Automation
Powered by Hadoop, but you never know it Intrusion prevention DevOps
Self Service analytics Integrity monitoring Compliance
MapReduce cluster Log Inspection Continuous Delivery
TrendMicro Azure Extensions Chef cookbooks for TrendMicro '*

'* TrendMicro Chef Cookbooks: Solution deploys a Chef Server and an automated framework that allows any new VMs to bootstrap to chef Server as and when they get provisioned. Additionally, in order to integrate Chef Server with Chef Nodes in an automated way, additional microservices are deployed as a set of two Docker Containers (a Node.js app and a database).

You can watch this video for the quick overview of this solution.

2. Solution Template Overview

Solution Templates provide customers with a highly automated process to launch enterprise ready first and 3rd party ISV solution stacks on Azure in a pre-production environment. The Solution Template effort is complimentary to the Azure Marketplace test drive program. These fully baked stacks enable customers to quickly stand up a PoC or Piloting environments and also integrate it with their systems and customization.

Customers benefit greatly from solution templates because of the ease with which they can stand up enterprise-grade, fully integrated stacks on Azure. The extensive automation and testing of these solutions will allow them to spin up pre-production environments with minimal manual steps and customization. Most importantly, customers now have the confidence to transition the solution into a fully production-ready environment with confidence.

Business Intelligence Solution Template 001 Disclaimer: These are intended as pilot solutions and not production ready. Please contact us if you need further info or support on this solution.

3. Licenses & Costs

In its current state, solution templates come with licenses built-in – there may be a BYOL option included in the future. The solution template will be deployed in the Customer’s Azure subscription, and the Customer will incur Azure usage charges associated with running the solution stack.

4. Target Audience

The target audience for these solution templates are

  • Business Decision Maker, IT Data Analyst - or anybody w/i the organization who cares for the managing risk on Business transactions
  • IT Decision Maker & Infrastructure Architects - or any personnel w/i the organization that's responsible for managing Infrastructure risk
  • IT Decision Maker & Infrastructure Architects - or any personnel w/i the organization that's responsible for DevOps/IT Configuration management
  • and lastly, but very importantly - IT professionals who need to stand-up and/or deploy infrastructure stacks.

5. Prerequisites

  • Azure Subscription - if you want to test drive individual ISV products, please check out the Azure Marketplace Test Drive Program
  • Azure user account with Contributor/Admin Role
  • Sufficient Quota - At least 20 Cores(with default VM Sizes)
  • Azure Marketplace Deployment Agreements - VM Images from Azure marketplace need a registered Azure credit card for deployments to be successful. We understand that some customers (especially EA and internal MS customers) may not have this configured leading to failed deployments.
  • Programmatic deployments for Chef Server. (TrendMicro is optional)

6. Reference Architecture Diagram

[] (images/Datameer-TrendMicro-Chef_Solution_Architecture.png)

The diagram above provides the overall deployment architecture for this test drive. As a part of deployment the template launches the following:

  • A storage account in the resource group.
  • A Virtual Network with four subnets Trendmicro, Chef & Orchestrator, Datameer, Test Apps and Chef Workstation.
  • Trend micro vm is built from the image reference in the subnet1:

6.1 Deployed Infrastructure

Area Role Type Qty
Security TrendMicro Server * D2 1
HDInsight Hadoop Head Node D3 2
Hadoop Worker Node D3 2
Datameer * D3 1
Orchestration Chef Server * D2 1
Docker App Orchestration D2 1
Test Application Chef Workstation D2 1
Test App D2 2
Backend SQL Database Standard (S3) 1
Azure Storage (HDInsight) LRS 1
VM Storage Azure Storage LRS 1


  • Items marked with * are licenced components
  • Trial licences included for TrendMicro (30days) and Chef (30days). Datameer licences (trial for 14days) need to be enabled post installation and are then subsequently available for an annual contract renewal. Please reach out to us for any of the licencing related questions and we might be able to influence some of the ISVs, some of the times.

7. Deployment Steps

You can click the "deploy to Azure" button at the beginning of this document or follow the instructions for command line deployment using the scripts in the root of this repo.

Please refer to parameter descriptions if you need more information on what needs to be provided as an input. The deployment takes about approximately 45mins. Once it is deployed there are few minor manual steps to

8. Configuration

8.1 Configuration Guides

You can use this guide to configure the components in the solution.

9. Usage

9.1 Usage Guides

You can use this guide to use this solution.

10. Support

For any support-related issues or questions, please contact us for assistance.


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