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This template deploys a DataStax Enterprise (DSE) cluster to Azure running on Ubuntu virtual machines in a single datacenter. The template can provision a cluster from 1 to 40 nodes. Creating a greater number of nodes may cause issues with storage account I/O contention.

For the most up to date version of this template, please do not use this repo. Instead go here. We strongly encourage use of the latest version as it incorporates bug fixes and is more flexible.

The template also provisions a storage account, virtual network and public IP addresses required by the installation. The template will deploy to the location that the resourceGroup it is part of is located in.

The template expects the following parameters:

Name Description
nodeCount Number of virtual machines to provision for the cluster
vmSize Size of virtual machine to provision for the cluster
adminUsername Admin user name for the virtual machines
adminPassword Admin password for the virtual machines

Once the Azure VMs, virtual network and storage are setup, the template installs Java and DSE on the nodes. It also configures them. These nodes are assigned both private and public dynamic IP addresses.

The template also sets up a node to run DataStax OpsCenter. The script installs OpsCenter and connects to the cluster by calling the OpsCenter REST API.

On completion, OpsCenter will be accessible on port 8888 of the public IP address of the OpsCenter node.

Tags: Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks, Microsoft.Resources/deployments, Microsoft.Compute/availabilitySets, Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts, Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses, Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces, Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines, Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/extensions, CustomScript