Extend an existing Azure VNET to a Multi-VNET Configuration

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This template allows you to extend an existing single VNET environment to a Multi-VNET environment that extends across two datacenter regions using VNET-to-VNET gateways

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This template extends an existing single VNET environment to a Multi-VNET environment by deploying these Azure resources:

  • Second VNET in a different Azure datacenter region
  • VNET gateways on existing and second VNET
  • VNET gateway connections to establish a routable VNET-to-VNET connection between existing and second VNET

Special Notes

To be successful in extending to a Multi-VNET configuration using this template, pay particular attention to these special items:

  • Use the resource group of the existing VNET for this template deployment
  • Prior to running this template deployment, create a subnet named "GatewaySubnet" on the existing VNET with a minimum /29 address prefix

Template Parameters

Modify parameters file to change default values.

Tags: Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks, Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses, Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworkGateways, Microsoft.Network/connections