Add custom domain and managed certificate with Front Door

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This template creates a Front Door configuration with a single backend, onboards a custom domain, and then secures the custom domain with a Front Door-managed certificate.

Parameters for this template are:

  • frontDoorName - Name of the Front Door (for example, contoso).
  • customDomainName - Host name of the custom domain (for example, or
  • backendAddress - Host name of the backend (for example,

For the deployment of this template to succeed the specified custom domain will require a CNAME to the Front Door's default frontend host (for example,

For example, for a Front Door instance named contoso, the default frontend host name would be To add the custom domain, create a DNS CNAME entry for to For more details, see Tutorial: Add a custom domain to your Front Door.

Tags: Microsoft.Network/frontDoors, Microsoft.Network/frontdoors/frontendEndpoints/customHttpsConfiguration