Deploy an Azure Function Premium plan with vnet integration

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This template deploys an Azure Function Premium plan with regional virtual network integration.

Overview and deployed resources

An Azure Function Premium plan with virtual network integration enabled allows the Azure Function to utilize resources within the virtual network.

The following resources are deployed as part of the solution:

Virtual Network

The virtual network into which the Azure Function Premium plan shall be integrated.

  • Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks: The virtual network for which to integrate, and one subnet to which the function app plan is delegated.

Azure Function Premium Plan

The Azure Functions Premium plan which enables virtual network integration.

  • Microsoft.Web/serverfarms: The Azure Functions Premium plan (a.k.a. Elastic Premium plan)

Function App

The function app to be deployed as part of the Azure Functions Premium plan.

  • Microsoft.Web/sites: The function app instance.

Application Insights with Log Analytics Workspace

Application Insights is used to provide monitoring for the Azure Function.

  • Microsoft.Insights/components: The Application Insights instance used by the Azure Function for monitoring.
  • Microsoft.OperationalInsights/workspaces: The Log Analytics Workspace used with Application Insights.

Azure Storage

The Azure Storage account used by the Azure Function.

Deployment steps

You can click the "deploy to Azure" button at the beginning of this document or follow the instructions for command line deployment using the scripts in the root of this repo.

Tags: Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks, Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts, Microsoft.Insights/components, Microsoft.OperationalInsights/workspaces, Microsoft.Web/serverfarms, Microsoft.Web/sites