Integration Patterns - Message Router - Service Bus

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Solution overview and deployed resources

This template deploys a solution which shows how we can set up the Message Router pattern using a Service Bus Topic. The topic expects a message with a property called Priority. The message is then routed to the Log subscription as well as the subscription belonging with the given priority.

The following resources are deployed as part of the solution.

  • Service Bus Namespace
  • Service Bus Topic
  • Service Bus Topic Subscriptions
  • Service Bus Topic Subscriptions Rules

To test, grab the connection string of the Service Bus namespace, and use a tool like Service Bus Explorer to send a message to the topic. The message to be sent in should be in the following format, and with a property called Priority, with value High, Normal or Low.

	"Address":"Wilhelminakade 175",
	"Name":"Eldert Grootenboer"

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