FrontDoor CDN with WAF, Domains and Logs to EventHub

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A sample module to create Azure FrontDoor CDN profile.

  1. Create Azure FrontDoor Standard/Premium CDN Profile
  2. Create routes and associate them with domain, origin and ruleset(s).
  3. Create ruleSets. For example, with ModifyResponseHeader, RouteConfigurationOverride (Cache Override)
  4. Create waf with Custom rules in Block Mode. (In this example, blocking all method except GET, OPTIONS and HEAD)
  5. Create waf with managed rules in Log Mode.
  6. Attach waf as security policy to endpoint
  7. Dynamically create custom domain and their association
  8. Attach AFD provided managed certificate for TLS.
  9. Dynamically create Origin and Origin Group using array and their attachment with Routes, WAF policy etc.
  10. Create event namespace and hub
  11. Create Diagnostic Settings using eventHub for sending Azure FrontDoor CDN logs to event Hub.


Name Type Required Description
skuName string No Name of Azure CDN SKU. One of Premium_AzureFrontDoor or Standard_AzureFrontDoor ( default = Premium_AzureFrontDoor )
envName string Yes Environment Name. A user defined value. Example: stg, prod
customDomains array Yes Custom domain for CDN profile
origins array Yes List of Origins to send request for Cache Fill
afdEndpointName string No Name of the AFD Endpoint ( default = afd-cdn-${envName} )
enableAfdEndpoint bool No Control flag for enabling or disabling CDN profile ( default = true )
cdnProfileName string No Name of the AFD CDN Profile ( default = afd-cdn-${envName}-profile )
cdnProfileTags object No Tags to be attached with resources ( default = {envName: ${envName}} )
eventHubName string No EventHub instance name ( default = eventhub-${uniqueString(resourceGroup().id)} )
eventHubNamespace string No EventHub namespace name ( default = '${eventHubName}-ns' )
eventHubLocation string No Region to deploy EventHub ( default = resourceGroup().location )
wafPolicyMode string No Policy Mode for WAF. One of Detection or Prevention ( default = Prevention )
wafPolicyName string No Name of WAF Policy to be created ( default = FrontDoorCdn${envName}WAF )
enableRequestBodyCheck bool No Enable request body inspection ( default = false )
enableWAFPolicy bool No Control flag for enabling or disabling WAF security policy ( default = true )
wafBlockResponseBody string No Response body to be returned by WAF on request block ( default = Access Denied by Firewall. )
wafBlockResponseCode int No Response code to be returned by WAF on request block ( default = 403 )

Sample Schema for Arrays and Objects Parameters


 "supportGroup": ""
 "env": "test"


   "hostname": ""


   "hostname": "",
   "originGroupName": "static-src-origin-group",
   "patternsToMatch": [
   "enabledState": true


hostname: Origin Hostname
originGroupName: Name of origin group
patternsToMatch: Array of patterns to match for path to send request to origin for a request path
enabledState: Enable or disable origin


Name Type Description
afdEndpointHostName string Azure FrontDoor CDN AFD Endpoint Name

Directory Structure

├── azuredeploy.parameters.json
├── images
│   └── deployment.png
├── main.bicep
├── metadata.json
└── modules
    ├── diagnosticsettings.bicep
    ├── eventhub.bicep
    ├── profile.bicep
    ├── routes.bicep
    ├── rulesets.bicep
    └── waf.bicep
  1. Directory modules contains base bicep files:
    1. diagnosticsettings.bicep: Create diagnostic settings to send Azure cdn access logs to event hub.
    2. eventhub.bicep: Create eventhub namespace and eventhub instance.
    3. profile.bicep: Invoke modules to create cdn profile, rule sets, diagnostic settings and attach waf security policy.
    4. routes.bicep: Create cdn routes for profile.
    5. rulesets.bicep: Create rule sets that are required by CDN Profile.
    6. waf.bicep: Create WAF with Managed and Custom rules that needs to be attached to CDN Profile as Security Policy.
  2. main.bicep provides an abstracted view to a user for creating CDN profile and waf attachment.

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