Perforce Helix Core Linux Single Instance

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This template creates a Perforce Helix Core server using best practice Server Deployment Package (SDP):

It is a single VM instance with a single Data volume.

The parameters which can be user configured in the parameters file include:

  • OS (default "CentOS 7.x") - one of: "CentOS 7.x" (7.8+), "RHEL 7.x" (7.8+), "Ubuntu 18.04 LTS"
  • adminUsername (default "p4admin") - username to use with ssh to access the VM.
  • adminSSHPubKey (default None) - For access to VM via ssh for account adminUsername. This is required.
  • helix_admin_password (default None) - p4d password for above user. This is required.
  • source_CIDR (default "") - Source IP access list - for security we strongly recommend you consider only allowing specific whitelisted IP addresses to access the server
  • VMSize (default "Standard_B2s" - suitable for testing only) - Select one of the Azure Linux Instance types with appropriate vCPUs and RAM for your needs. We recommend Compute optimized instances for production use, e.g. Fsv2 series options such as "Standard_F4s_v2". See KB link in More Details section below for further discussion.
  • dataDiskSize (default 50) - Size in GB of data volume where all metadata/logs/depot files are stored. Up to 2TB (2048GB) is supported.
  • p4Port (default 1666) - P4PORT value to access p4d service. Note SSL is not optional.

After Installation

You will be able to connect to the provisioned instance with a P4PORT of format ssl:<IP Adress>:1666 as user perforce (or <helix_admin_userame> parameter) with the configured password file using a standard Helix

You can ssh to the instance for more detailed configuration if you wish: ssh <adminUsername>@<IP address>

Please see KB link below.

P4D License Installation

The instance is unlicensed, so initially will be limited to 5 users and 20 workspaces. You can buy a license by following the instructions at the KB link below.

More Details (KB Link)

For more details on:

  • next steps, including creation of users and depots
  • how to license your installation
  • how to manage it generally
  • how to get support

Please see:

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