Deploy a PostgreSQL Server on Ubuntu Virtual Machine

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This template uses the Azure Linux CustomScript extension to deploy a PostgreSQL server. It creates an Ubuntu VM, does a silent install of PostgreSQL server, version:9.3.5, and the basic configuration is below: port is 1999, data directory is /opt/pgsql_data, installation directory is /opt/pgsql, user is postgres.

Setting up and testing PostgreSQL Database

For security reasons, PostgreSQL uses a non-root user to initialize, start, or shut down the database. Here it uses postgres as the user.

You can verify the deployment by connecting to the Postgres database:

$sudo su - postgres

Create a Postgres database:

$createdb events

Connect to the events database that you just created:

$psql -d events

Create a new example Postgres table

By using the following command:

CREATE TABLE potluck (name VARCHAR(20), food VARCHAR(30), confirmed CHAR(1), signup_date DATE);

Add data to a table:

INSERT INTO potluck (name, food, confirmed, signup_date) VALUES('John', 'Casserole', 'Y', '2012-04-11');

Exit the database:



To learn more about PostgreSQL, visit the PostgreSQL website

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