Backup existing File Share using Recovery Services (Daily)

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This template configures protection for an existing Azure file share by specifying appropriate details for the Recovery Services vault and backup policy. It optionally creates a new Recovery Services vault and backup policy, and registers the storage account containing the file share to the Recovery Services vault.

Overview and deployed resources

The following resources are deployed as part of the solution.


The Microsoft.RecoveryServices resource provider is used to create resources of the following types.

  • Vault: A Recovery Services vault to which the file share backup takes place. (If using an existing vault, new vault creation can be disabled by setting the isNewVault parameter to false).
  • Backup policy: A backup policy associated with the vault that specifies the backup schedule and the retention range. (If using an existing backup policy, new backup policy creation can be disabled by setting the isNewPolicy parameter to false).
  • Protection container: A logical container for backup associated with the storage account containing the file share that is created while registering to the vault. (If storage account is already registered to the vault, registration can be skipped by setting the registerStorageAccount parameter to false).
  • Protected item: The protected item corresponding to the file share created after configure protection has completed.


Users need to have an existing storage account with an existing file share present in it. For creating a new storage account and file share, use the template provided in the prereqs folder, or refer to the create an Azure storage account with file share template.

Deployment steps

You can click the Deploy to Azure button at the beginning of this document. You may alternatively download the template and deploy it using PowerShell or use your preferred method of ARM template deployment.

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