Create SQL AvailabilityGroup listener on existing Always ON setup.

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Before deploying the template you must have the following

  1. AlwaysON setup Always ON setup must exist as created by azure-quickstart-templates/101-sql-vm-ag-setup. This will include the VMs over which the setup was done.
  2. SQL Availability Group SQL Availability Group must have been created over the Always ON setup. No existing listener should be present for the SQL Availability Group.
  3. LoadBalancer Internal load balancer in same location as VMs.
  4. CNO permissions The CNO (COmputer object for Cluster name) should have Create Computer object permissions in the OU it is placed in.

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Tags: Azure, SQL, VirtualMachine, AlwaysON, Listener, Microsoft.SqlVirtualMachine/SqlVirtualMachineGroups/availabilityGroupListeners

Solution overview and deployed resources

This deployment will create an AG listener for a SQL Availability Group. This will also setup Load balancer rules corresponding to the Listener. Following resources will be created

  • SQL Availability Group Listener for the provided AG.
  • Load balancer rules that will enable Listner to work in Azure.
  • Resource of type "AvailabilityGroupListener" in Microsoft.SqlVirtualMachine resource provider.