Django App with SQL Databases

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This template uses the Azure Linux CustomScript extension to deploy a Django application by creating an Ubuntu VM, doing a silent install of Python and Apache, then creating a simple Django application. The template also creates a SQL Database, with a sample table with some sample data which is displayed in the web browser using a query

Once the template is deployed, just grab the FQDN of the VM and open it in a browser and you'll see the sample data displayed on your screen. Make sure you wait 10-15 minutes after the template is deployed before you access the DNS name. There might be a lag when accessing the dns in your browser. Please refresh your browser a few times to mitigate it.

Tags: Microsoft.Sql/servers, databases, firewallrules, Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts, Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses, Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks, Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces, Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines, Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/extensions, CustomScript