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This template creates a Standard Stream Analytics Job. For more information, Azure Stream Analytics is a real-time analytics and complex event-processing engine that is designed to analyze and process high volumes of fast streaming data from multiple sources simultaneously. Patterns and relationships can be identified in information extracted from a number of input sources including devices, sensors, clickstreams, social media feeds, and applications. These patterns can be used to trigger actions and initiate workflows such creating alerts, feeding information to a reporting tool, or storing transformed data for later use. Also, Stream Analytics is available on Azure IoT Edge runtime, and supports the same exact language or syntax as cloud.

The following scenarios are examples of when you can use Azure Stream Analytics:

  • Analyze real-time telemetry streams from IoT devices
  • Web logs/clickstream analytics
  • Geospatial analytics for fleet management and driverless vehicles
  • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance of high value assets
  • Real-time analytics on Point of Sale data for inventory control and anomaly detection

For more information, see the following articles:

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