CentOS/UbuntuServer Auto Dynamic Disks & Docker 1.12(cs)

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This creates configurable number of disks with configurable size for centos

  • Latest Docker configurable - default is 1.12.3-cs3 (For CentOS 7.1/7.2, kernel 3.10.x and above) and for Ubuntu.
  • Latest docker-compose configurable - default is 1.9.0-rc2 (or CentOS 7.1/7.2, kernel 3.10.x and above) and for Ubuntu 16.04.0-LTS.
  • Latest docker-machine configurable - default is the now latest v0.8.2 (or CentOS 7.1/7.2, kernel 3.10.x and above) and for Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04.0-LTS. Docs
  • Latest Rancher available dockerized (7.1/7.2/16.04.0-LTS) @ 8080 i.e. http://'DNS Name'.'location'.cloudapp.azure.com:8080 - Unauthenticated.. Authentication and agent setup is manual setup>.
  • Azure CLI usage is docker exec -ti azure-cli bash -c "azure login && bash".
  • Disk auto mounting is at /'parameter'/data.
  • NFS4 is on on the above.
  • Strict ssh public key enabled.
  • Nodes that share public RSA key shared can be used as direct jump boxes as azureuser@DNS.
  • NSG is required.
  • Internal firewalld is off.
  • gcc and other necessary software available for Plain CentOS 6.5/6.6/7.1/7.2 and for Ubuntu 16.04.0-LTS
  • WALinuxAgent updates are disabled on first deployment.
  • Specific Logic in install_packages_all() to distinguish between sku for CentOS 6.5/6.6 and 7.1/7.2 as well as UbuntuServer 16.04.0-LTS, primarily for docker usage.

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