Create, configure and deploy Web Application to an Azure VM

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This template allows you to deploy a Web application a VM. It also configures the Web Application to set the SQL Azure database server. In order to run the template, please make sure:

  1. Sign-in PowerShell session using your Azure account by running Add-AzureAccount
  2. select a current storage account for the current subscription. Please see Set-AzureSubscription online help for how to set a default storage account:
  3. Upload your web deploy package somewhere accessible from the target node. In this example the web deploy package is uploaded to github as specified in azuredeploy.param.json file:

"webdeploypkg": { "value": "" }

Tags: Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses, Microsoft.Network/networkSecurityGroups, Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks, Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces, Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines, extensions, DSC, Microsoft.Sql/servers, firewallrules, databases